This Skoda Laura Is A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

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In the car world, sleepers are the Superheroes in everyday clothing, leaving people awestruck when they zoom by. We aren’t talking about factory-fresh examples like the BMW M5 or the Mercedes E 63 AMG. Their slightly tweaked appearance and the badge is a giveaway for most about their abilities. We’re talking about everyday, working-class heroes who go about their business in their regular appearance, hiding some seriously special kit underneath. Here is one such example – a Skoda Laura, owned by fellow petrolhead Tejas, who takes this machine to work on the weekdays and to the track on weekends.

Tejas Skoda Laura turn quarter

The Skoda Laura owned by Tejas is powered by the 1.8-litre TSI petrol motor, which is well known for its tuner-friendly nature. Coupled with some additional modifications, the engine is capable of producing much more than 400 hp. That, however, would take out the daily usability of the vehicle, making it more of a track car and less of a road car. What Tejas has done is hit the sweet spot with his tuning setup, which makes this laura offer the best of both worlds. Moreover, the original factory paint is still shining as bright as it did when the car originally left the showroom. Even the wheels are stock and so are the dimensions. The lack of a sticker job or any such thing ensures that the car leaves no evidence of all the modifications it has received.

Tejas Skoda Laura engine

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Coming to the modifications done by Tejas, the car now runs a stage 2 tune from APR, which provides a great boost to the power and torque figures of the vehicle. The stock spark coil was not able to cope with the tuned engine setup and had to be replaced with the same from an Audi R8. The intake gets an improved, free-flow type air filter and a blow-off valve ensures the turbocharger is not stressed too much. Helping the car breathe better is a straight downpipe, which also gets rid of the flow restricting catalytic converter. However, since the car was not required to be loud, the modified downpipe connects back to the stock exhaust system. The result of all this is a neat, stock looking Laura, which makes more than 240 hp and 300 Nm at the front wheels. Let us know what you think about this vehicle, and do check out some images of this perfect sleeper.

Tejas Skoda Laura turn side
Tejas Skoda Laura turn quarter
Tejas Skoda Laura turn inititaiton
Tejas Skoda Laura side standing
Tejas Skoda Laura featured
Tejas Skoda Laura engine

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