Watch This Lad Ride A RE Himalayan Over The Tallest And Longest Suspension Bridge in Nepal


The Kushma-Gyadi suspension footbridge is said to be Nepal’s tallest and longest suspension bridge. Crossing 384 feet (117 mtrs) above the Madi River, the trail bridge’s span of 1,128 feet (344 mtrs) calls for a cautious, green-faced, windy walk as you try not looking down and thereby prevent throwing up on yourself in fear.

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It’s also the narrowest bridge (and scariest to cross) in the world. Or at least it looks that way. Would I walk on it? Sure, I’d do it once. It’ll make me more of a man after that. But would I ride on it? Scratch that. Would I ride a Royal Enfield on it? People call me crazy and all, but I’ll pass on this one. That bridge looks like it’ll go down with a snap even if two of my colleagues crossing it stopped for a selfie in the middle.

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But some people like living on the edge, like the guy who rode a Royal Enfield Himalayan over the Kushma bridge. Watch him pull of this daring stunt, as locals give way by hanging on to the rope-like railings for dear life. But guess what? They all didn’t seem to mind. Out in Nepal, it looks like one riding a motorcycle over a 100+ meter suspension bridge that barely allows two pedestrians to walk across is pretty tolerable.

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