Royal Enfield Himalayan breaks its foot-peg in its promotional video!


Royal Enfield Himalayan Foot peg (2)

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is just around ten days away from its official unveil. The iconic bike maker has already put the Himalayan in action and released ‘testing of’ and ‘making of’ videos of the bike to raise excitement. They took the test prototype to the Big Rock Motopark in Kolar and performed intensive and extensive tests through on off-road terrains.  The tests were carried out by India’s supercross & rally-raid champion, CS Santosh.

The testing videos were recently released by Royal Enfield as ‘The #Himalayan – The CS Santosh Diaries – Ep.1 Kolar’ as a part of a series, which will have more videos of the Himalayan coming up. While the video is quite interesting and shows off the skills of the ride and the rider, the folks at RE missed out on one thing before uploading it.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Foot peg (1)

In one particular stunt at the end of the video, the rider astride the Himalayan is air-borne and lands on the ground from a height of around 3-4 feet. On landing the bike not only bottoms out due to the soft suspension but also loses a foot peg. It can be clearly seen that when the Himalayan hits the ground the rider’s foot slips and almost touches the ground. Blame the broken footpeg which detaches and drops on the ground leaving the rider clueless as to where to rest his foot!

Royal Enfield Himalayan Foot peg (3)

Viewers with high pedantry skills spotted the flying foot-peg and raised questions over social media platforms. Royal Enfield did not take much time and replied –

“It’s the torture testing of a prototype, no aspect has been left untouched to give you exactly what you want. We pursued quality to deliver the promise of endurance. This testing proved to us that if you land from a jump that’s 6ft above ground, the footpeg could break, so we made it better and did it all over again and again before we broke out with the #Himalayan.”

This video is up on the video portal and we have also embedded it below have a look for those who can’t wait through the video scroll down for the GIF file. (psst…slide to 1:50 in the video)

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