Here’s what happened to the Royal Enfield Himalyan that lost its rear tire while rallying

Last week, a Royal Enfield Himalayan lost its rear tire. Here's exactly what happened


Royal Enfield Himalyan loses rear tire (3)

Last week, a Royal Enfield Himalayan lost its rear tire. The incident happened when the motorcycle was rallying in the National Rally Championship in Coimbatore. Before you start destroying your keyboards, shamming the Himalayan like social media has already done upon seeing these images, here’s exactly what happened, right from the horses mouth.

Royal Enfield Himalyan loses rear tire (4)

Speaking to RushLane, Shahrukh Mohammad, the rider of the Himalayan in question has clarified:

1) Nobody including me, never blamed the bike for what happened
2) It was a stage filled with thorns where punctures are obvious
3) The bike did almost 90 kms with a flat tyre as I had no other option but to ride it back
4) Himalayan is an amazing bike, atleast for me and is being a great bike to race on. Cheers.

Royal Enfield Himalayan rear tire

Now, it’s a rally stage, so you never stop, even though your tires are getting shredded apart. You keep riding till your motorcycle is still alive and kicking. And that’s exactly what Shahrukh did. In spite of riding the Himalayan hard on a rim and bent spokes for almost 90 km, he managed to finish the rally – from guts to glory. So there you have it, it’s none of the Royal Enfield’s fault, as in a treacherous rally stage full of sharp rocks and thorns, no tire is safe.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Review - Static Shots (7)

Launched earlier this year, the Himalayan is Royal Enfield’s first purpose-built adventure tourer. In the news lately for a silent recall to address certain “non-critical” issues, the Himalyan, is based on an all-new frame. Powered by a newly developed, long stroke, single cylinder 410 cc engine, rated at 25 PS and 32 Nm, the Himalayan retails for INR 1.55 Lakh (ex-showroom, Munbai) and INR 1.78 Lakh (On-Road).

Images: Prakaash Rawat

Royal Enfield Himalyan loses rear tire (4)
Royal Enfield Himalyan loses rear tire (3)
Royal Enfield Himalyan loses rear tire (2)
Royal Enfield Himalyan loses rear tire (1)


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  • JustAnotherGuest says:

    Sooner or later we would hear RE calling back Himalayan for some fault.
    Personally, I feel Himalayan is awful as compared to other RE beast.

  • Parvinder Singh says:

    Same will happen with me. My himalayan tyre burst at changla pass way back to leh from pangong tso. Bad start with himalayan.

  • CM P220 FI says:

    Spoked wheels are favored over alloys in rallying. Spoked wheels can take a beating without breaking. They only deform whenever it hits hard

  • Eddy says:

    Nach najane aagan teda…
    Why other bikes did not face same issue.
    If you aware why the bike is ment for then it should have gone tuf.
    I am also fan of RE Bullet, but disappointed with recent performance.

  • Jayanand says:

    Spoked wheels for rallying!!! Now thats a through surprise!!!