SOL SF-5 Helmet Review : A Sensible Helmet For the Style Conscious

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The SOL SF-5 is one of the best looking SOL helmet out there. It’s also slightly on the expensive side within SOL’s product range though not by much. So while you can get your hands on the SOL SF-2M for INR 5,000 and the SOL SL-68S II for INR 5,590, the SOL SF-5 costs INR 6,390. It’s pretty impressive, both visually and functionally. It isn’t as flashy as the SOL SL-68S II but it isn’t as simple as the SOL SF-2M either. It’s a perfect mix of style and function which would appeal to experienced riders. We’ve been using this lid for the past six months along with the SOL SF-2M and the SOL SL-68S II and here’s what we think about it.


What does the helmet feature?

The glossy paint, the proportional and well executed design, and over half a dozen vents make it a perfect buy for anyone hunting for a function packed budget helmet. The paint quality is pretty neat. The blue paint with the contrasting black and orange stripes make the helmet stand out. The aerodynamic shape makes it an ideal tool for those superfast weekend rides and while being a touring friendly thanks to those vents. It also features an internal sun visor so that you don’t have to switch between clear and smoked screens during your rides.

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Apart from being DOT approved, the SF-5 also gets ECE 22.05 European regulatory certification, Taiwan CNS certification. Add to that a D-ring fastener and you have a helmet that’s track ready. Similar to other SOL products, this one also features Dual Exhaust Venting System (DEVS) which is aimed to offer good ventilation to exclude heat and moisture generated inside the helmet. It gets three vents near the chin region and three on the top while at the rear are two outlets. All those vents take care of the airflow, aiding the comfort department, especially during summer rides.


Interiors, just like SOL SF-2M and the SOL SL-68S II, are COOLMAX lined with their antibacterial and odor free capabilities. The interiors pads are easily removable, and washable too for a quick weekend wash. Removable chin curtain come as standard too. But what I really like about the inside of the helmet is the neon green finish. You can switch the pads for a perfect fit to your requirements. The factory fit speaker pockets make Bluetooth intercom system installation process that much easier.


At 1,454 grams or around 1.45 kg (± 50g), this helmet is marginally lighter than the SOL SL-68S II but it still feels on the heavier side so getting accustomed to the weight may take a while.


The overall finish and build quality is commendable. The design isn’t too flashy which will appeal to mature riders


With the built-in internal sun visor, you won’t have to swap the primary visor for different riding conditions


Multiple vents ensure stead air-flow, resulting in a more comfortable ride experience

How does it perform?


We’ve used it on almost all segments of motorcycles, be it an entry level 200 Duke or the ultra-powerful ZX-10R. The pads give you just the right fit without making the experience uncomfortable It’s also very efficient in keeping the air-noise levels low, unless you’re going ballistic. The D-ring buckle, as aforementioned, offers the perfect fit and makes it track legal too. The ventilation system comes handy during summers but you can close all of them when the mercury drops.



At INR 6,390 (MRP) the SOL SF-5 is a definitely worth to consider in the sub-INR 10,000 segment of helmets. The design is subtle and yet outstanding. The well thought ventilation system, snug fit and a near perfect construct makes a great buy for all your needs.

We wish this was a bit lighter, but at that price, it comes across as one of the best lids out there.

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