New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review, Performance, India Price, Image Gallery, Tech Specs, and Details

TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review, Performance, India Price, mileage, Image Gallery, Technical Specifications, and Details

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The TVS Apache brand has always had a special place in our garage. We’ve had the RTR200 4V as a long-termer, hauling our rear to work on weekdays, and nearby destinations on weekends and we absolutely were awestruck by the versatility of that motorcycle. The new Apache RTR160 4V resembles its 200cc sibling in many ways. It’s aimed to compete against the existing crop of 155-160cc motorcycles such as the Yamaha FZ-S, Honda CB Hornet 160R, Suzuki Gixxer 155 and the likes in the premium commuter segment.

TVS Apache RTR 160 launch

For 2018, the motorcycle features a visual overhaul and a more powerful engine – in carburettor and fuel injected options – that produces highest performance numbers in the segment. So, after over a dozen laps on the test track on both – the carburettor and fuel injected – motorcycles, here’s what we think about the new 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Video Review

NOTE: The CB Hornet 160R Comes with a single channel ABS only

TVS Apache RTR160 4V - Side View

TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review:

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Design and Styling

Visually, the motorcycle draws styling cues from the TVS RTR200 4V. So, you’d find an identical fascia with twin LED DRLs and the sharp headlight inspired from the Draken Concept. Following the illuminator is the full-digital instrument console that’s identical to the RTR200 4V, but with a small tweak on the carburettor version. The unit on the fuel-injected version gets a white backlit display while the carburettor version gets a yellow backlit display. The readings are slightly different too. The fuel-injected gets a tachometer, speedometer, odometer, 2 trip meters, a gear-position indicator, fuel gauge, 0-60 timer and a lap timer. The carburettor version misses the gear-position indicator and lap timer.

WhatsApp Image 2018 03 14 at 1.03.18 PM

Behind the console is the new handlebar, which is NOT a clip-on unit. Instead, it uses a flat, single-piece handlebar that offers a relatively upright ergonomics. We’ll get back to that in the later part of the review.

New TVS Apache RTR 160 launch live 24

The fuel tank gets the same muscular design and capacity (12-litres) as the RTR200 4V, and features the integrated extensions, knee recesses with black ribs, and asymmetrical, aircraft style fuel filler cap. However, unlike the RTR200 4V, the RTR160 4V gets a white middle section. The fuel tank also features a 3D company logo and a chequered flag design on the sides.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (17)

Apache branding is placed on the silver painted side panel. The rear panel continues with its muscular and edgy design, however, it does not get the faux honeycomb grille like the RTR200 4V. Another noticeable change is the seat design which is a single-piece unit unlike the RTR200 4V’s split saddle. The keyhole to access the underseat storage has been moved under the LED tail light. The wheels are pretty basic, featuring a 6-spoke alloy design on the RTR160 4V. The front wheel is covered by the dual-tone fender.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (25)

What it does borrow from the RTR200 4V is the LED tail light, stylish single-piece pillion grab rail, the double barrel exhaust, the switchgear and the chiselled belly guard. The double-barrel exhaust has been tuned to produce the ‘signature Apache racing’ sound. The motorcycle features a glossy paint finish instead of the matte finish on the RTR200 4V and the overall fit-finish and build quality looks at par, if not better, with its rivals. The TVS Apache RTR160 4V is available in three colour options – RR Red, Racing Blue and Racing Black

Is the performance at par with its rivals? Oh, it’s better!

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Engine, Performance and Braking

The engine on the Apache RTR160 4V has a sports connection. TVS claims that the engine on the Apache RTR160 4V has been derived from the 6-time INMRC winning RTR165 prototype. In terms of performance, the 159.7cc, single cylinder, oil-cooled, short stroke engine is tuned to deliver 16.5 PS of power @ 8,000 rpm on the carburettor version and 16.8 PS of power @ 8,000 rpm on the fuel-injected model. Both variants get 14.8 Nm of torque @ 6,500 rpm. The oil-cooler gets Ram air assist for better performance.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (9)

Naught to sixty kmph is claimed at 4.8 seconds on the fuel-injected RTR160 4V and 4.73 seconds on the carburettor model. Top speed for the fuel-injected variant is claimed at 114 kmph while the carburettor does 113 kmph.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (24)

After a couple of fast and exciting laps around the not-so-long TVS’s Hosur test track, we turned down the heat to analyse how the new motorcycle behaves in lower-revs. You’d have to steer-clear of the 3,000 rpm mark below which the engine feels uncomfortable. You can cruise anywhere over the 3,000 revs marks without any engine knocking. But the power starts to kick in post the 6,000 rpm mark. The motorcycle gets a meaty mid-range and the power band between 6,000 rpm to 9,000 rpm is solid post which the performance mellows down till the 11,000 rpm redline. The 8,500-9,000 rpm mark is the sweet-spot for upshifts.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (21)

The carburettor version can reach speeds of upto:

  • 2nd Gear: 69 kmph
  • 3rd Gear: 96 kmph
  • 4th Gear: 112 kmph

The fuel injected version can reach speeds of upto:

  • 2nd Gear: 66 kmph
  • 3rd Gear: 93 kmph
  • 4th Gear: 114 kmph

The 600-meter stretch at the Hosur plant saw the speedometer hit 112 kmph and 114 kmph on the carburttor and fuel injected models respectively, before dropping the anchor for the wide right-hander on the test track. The engine had some steam left but the stretch on the test track wasn’t long enough for us to go faster. Fellow riders saw speeds of upto 117 kmph on the meter but we’re sure the motorcycle can go even faster on a longer stretch of tarmac. Both motors felt refined until about 7,500-8,000 rpm mark, post which vibrations start creeping in from the footpegs, handlebar and the fuel-tank if you’re crouching. We’d opt for the fuel-injected RTR160 4V which is evidently linear and crisp in its power delivery.

New TVS Apache RTR 160 launch live 20

Braking department are equally potent. The motorcycles that we tested were equipped with a a 270mm front disc brake upfront and 200mm disc brake at the rear. However, buyers can opt for the entry level variant which comes equipped with a 130mm rear drum brake which is available only on the carburettor model. The fuel-injected model comes standard with disc brakes on both ends. The feedback from the front is pretty solid although it could’ve done with a bit more bite. The motorcycle does not feature ABS, which was a bit of a letdown but we’re sure that the safety net will soon be available to comply with the upcoming norms. We tested the rear disc brake version of the carburettor and thus we won’t be able to comment on the prowess of the rear drum unit.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Handling and Ride Quality

The Apache RTR160 4V is built around a double-cradle split synchro STIFF chassis that is claimed to ‘increase stiffness for sharp cornering’. The motorcycle felt planted around the corners although there weren’t many on TVS’s test track. However, the long and wide right-hander on the Hosur track can test your ability to get rid of those chicken strips on the tyres and the Apache RTR160 4V did not disappoint. The tyres were keen on getting rid of those chicken strips too and the grip provided by the TVS rubber on the dry tarmac was commendable. As aforementioned, we tested the rear-disc variant of the motorcycle. The drum brake variant of the RTR160 4V gets a 110/80-17 section tyre at the rear. We could not ride the drum brake variant at the event and thus we would not be able to comment on the cornering abilities of the relatively skinnier tyre.

New TVS Apache RTR 160 launch live 21

The suspension setup felt just about right around the test track, offering sufficient stiffness to enter corners with confidence while, at the same time, gliding over minor undulations efficiently. Upfront is a conventional telescopic fork while at the rear – unlike the standard RTR160’s twin-sided shock absorber – is a monoshock unit. The rear suspension has been tuned on racetrack with experts from SHOWA-Japan. We’d wait to ride the motorcycle on city roads for a detailed analysis of the suspension.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (27)

The rider’s triangle is relatively relaxed as the TVS Apache RTR160 4V features a flat, single-piece handlebar instead of clip-on unit. That being said, the ergonomics are still sporty enough for you to go apex hunting with confidence. The flat handlebar should offer better comfort during long city commutes too.

The ergonomics are spot on and we didn’t have any complaints here. However, we’d wait to get the motorcycle for a longer duration, in real life riding conditions to comment on long distance comfort.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V in Detail

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (5)

The TVS Apache RTR160 4V draws styling cues from RTR200 4V which was inspired by the Draken Concept

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (4)

The headlight is identical to the RTR200 4V. Carburettor version uses 35/35W HS1 Bulb while the fuel injected version gets 60/55W H4 unit

New TVS Apache RTR 160 launch live 26

TVS Apache RTR160 4V Fuel injected version gets a white backlit display

New TVS Apache RTR 160 launch live 24

TVS Apache RTR160 4V Carburettor version gets a yellow backlit display. This display does not feature gear position indicator and lap-timer.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (14)

The pillion grab rail is identical to the Apache RTR200 4V

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (22)

The double barrel exhaust is identical to the TVS Apache RTR200 4V

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Price in India

TVS announced the prices of the new Apache RTR160 4V on March 14, 2018. The entry-level carburettor version with rear drum brake has been priced at INR 81,490. The carburettor version with rear disc brake is available at INR 84,490 while the top-of-the-line fuel-injected model has been priced at INR 89,990 (all prices are ex-showroom Delhi).

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (2)

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Verdict

The TVS Apache RTR160 4V makes a strong case for itself. Its race-derived engine, spot-on ergonomics and the new Draken concept derived design makes it one of the most desirable motorcycles in its segment. The 12-litre fuel tank is just as big as the RTR200 4V which should offer a decent range between fuel-stops. The vibrations near redline are forgivable as the motorcycle is meant to stay in the low- and mid-range where it feels very refined. It has been priced competitively too and apart from the missing ABS, we didn’t have many complaints with the motorcycle.

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Technical Specifications

TypeSI, 4 stroke, Oil Cooled
Engine Capacity157.7cc
Cylinder ArrangementSingle, Vertical
Maximum PowerCarburettor: 16.5 PS @ 8,000 rpm

Fuel Injected: 16.8 PS @ 8,000 rpm

Maximum Torque14.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Bore62 mm
Stroke52.9 mm
Carburettor / fuel injectionCarburettor: UCAL/Keihin VE CT6[A]

Fuel Injected: Bosch – Closed loop

Bore to Stroke Ratio1.17
Valve Per Cylinder4 valves
StartingElectric & Kick Start
Idle SpeedCarburettor: 1500 ± 200rpm

Fuel Injected: 1600 ± 300rpm

IgnitionCarburettor: TCI – Transistor Controlled Ignition

Fuel Injected: Mapped Ignition system

Compression Ratio10.15:1
Air FilterViscous Paper Filter
Cooling SystemOil Cooler with Ram Air Assist
MufflerTwin Pipe and Twin Barrel Design
Lubrication SystemForced Wet Sump
ClutchWet Multi-Plate
Gear box5 Speed Gear Box
Claimed Max SpeedCarburettor: 113 kmph

Fuel Injected: 114 kmph

0-2sec (speed in km/h)35 km/h
0-60km/h (time in seconds)Carburettor: 4.73

Fuel Injected: 4.8

0-100km/h (time in seconds)Carburettor: 15.9

Fuel Injected: 16.6

Rear SuspensionMonoshock
FrameDouble Cradle Split Synchro STIFF Frame
Front SuspensionTelescopic Forks
Battery12V, 9Ah
HeadlampCarburettor: AHO 12V, 35/35W HS1 Bulb with all-time ON LED position lamp

Fuel Injected: AHO 12V, 60/55W H4 Bulb with all-time ON LED position lamp

Tail LampLED 2.5W
Rim Size (front)1.85×17
Rim Size (rear)2.15×17 (Alloy Drum – Carburettor)

3.5×17 (Alloy Disc – Carburettor)

3.5×17 (Alloy Disc – Fuel Injected)

Tyre Size (front)90/90-17 Tubeless
Tyre Size (rear)Drum: 110/80-17 57P tubeless

Disc: 130/70-17 M/C 62P Tubeless

FrontDisc (270 mm Petal type)
RearDrum (130mm)

Disc (200 mm Petal type)

Brake FluidDOT 3 / DOT 4
Height1050 mm
Length2050 mm
Width790 mm
Wheelbase1357 mm
Ground Clearance180 mm
Saddle Height800 mm
Kerb WeightCarburettor (Drum): 143 kg

Carburettor (Disc): 145 kg

Fuel Injected: 147 kg

Max Payload130 kg
Fuel Tank12 L
Reserve2.5 L

New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Image Gallery

2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V
New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (21)
New 2018 TVS Apache RTR160 4V Review (17)

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