LIVE First Drive Impressions: 2010 Maruti Suzuki A-star AT (Automatic Transmission)

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As we told you today morning, Motoroids is in Delhi today for testing the upcoming 2010 Maruti Suzuki A-star with Automatic Transmission. Our editor will be driving the car from Delhi to Agra and back and bring you the detailed report by tomorrow. Till then, we’ll be reporting live from Delhi as Amit Chhangani sends us his initial impressions. Keep refreshing this page to know more…

Live first drive impressions from Delhi:

– Maruti Suzuki considers the A-star to be one of the most flamboyant cars in its line-up. They also consider that the A-star (known as the current Alto worldwide) is one of the most technically advanced cars in its segment. They hence chose the A-star to be one of their first cars to go mainstream with an automatic transmission. The car is targeted towards the youth and Maruti Suzuki is sure that the inclusion of an automatic transmission will make the A-star a convenient car for todays urban traffic.

– The car has the following modes:

P: Park, R: Reverse, N: Neutral, D: Drive, 3: Lock on 3rd gear, 2: Lock on 2nd gear and L: Low gear (for scenarios where you would need low end torque, like an uphill climb for example)

–          All the modes mentioned above have their respective indicators on the instrumentation console for added convenience while driving in traffic.

–          The Automatic Transmission is decent, nothing spectacular. It has the usual slow response. However it feels better than the automatic transmission that Maruti Suzuki had commissioned for the Grand Vitara.

– The A-star auto does a 0-100 km/h sprint in a little over 23 seconds.

Read the Full Road Test Report HERE!

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