Watch The Kawasaki ZX-25R Gain Some Stage 1 Mods

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We don’t even know if we’ll ever see the bike in our country, but for being such an exciting machine, we just can’t get enough of the Kawasaki ZX-25R. After going around a racetrack and screaming out loud on the Dyno, Kawasaki Indonesia has now released a video where the bike gains some Stage 1 mods where they open a big box of Sniper components and hit record on the camera.

The first to be bolted over are custom footpegs which are followed by clip-ons and then custom levers and protectors. Not much, but it’s just Stage 1 they say and there will be two more videos which will follow with Stage 2 and 3. But if you’ve missed checking out the race-spec ZX-25R, they’ve already made one and it’s called the ‘Racer Custom’.

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kawasaki zx25r

Built for a Japanese one-make series in 2021, it boasts of many comprehensive performance upgrades over the regular ZX-25R. It makes extensive use of lightweight carbon fibre components and bodywork. The frame and swingarm are carved out of carbon fibre and as expected from a track-only bike, Kawasaki has gotten rid of street components like all lights, as well as the licence plate and mirrors.

kawasaki zx 25r

There are more custom parts fitted on this Racer, including a fuel tank, airbox, subframe, seat unit and fairings. Other performance upgrades include race-spec Dunlop Sportmax α-13SP tyres and a free flow NASSERT-R Evolution Type II exhaust. The front forks of the race-spec Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R are the same as the standard model while the rear monoshock has been borrowed from the ZX-10R. The bike gets rear-set footpegs along with adjustable clutch and brake levers.

Kawasaki has been tight-lipped about how much power that 250cc inline-4 makes but for the standard bike, guesses have been hovering around the 50 hp mark. For the racer custom though, it could be an extra 10 horses they might’ve extracted from that motor.

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