VIDEO: This Hayabusa powered Mini sounds sweeter than Honey


The man behind this build does look like a mean version of John Turturro. And although his 1983 Mini Cooper doesn’t transform, powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa engine, he has transformed the cute little thing into a go kart for the road. Painted in Neon Green, the Suzuki Hayabusa’s 1.300 cc engine has been fitted in the back and pumps out nearly 240 hp to turn this thing into a little green devil minus any horns.


As light as a feather, the transmission is still a 1-down, 5-up affair, although paired to a lever, the shifts are so fast, Turturro’s doppelganger would probably never crave to ride a motorcycle. And then there’s that sound which makes this tiny thing running on kicked out four wheels as much fun as a motorcycle. Getting into those OMP seats might be a task, but once there, that almost sequential stick and the Thrustmaster wheel make even that spartan space so exciting. By his own admission, the owner has to master clutch modulation since torque low down is scanty, but once he gets that thing to sing, must be a lot of joy we are sure.

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