Video: Terrakhana is Ken Block Going Off Road for Some Spectacular Insanity

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Thought Gymkhana was getting a tad mundane? Seems like Ken Block has come to know of your gripes. So this time, he has taken the format of creating some crazy sideways action off the road, sprinkled it with some death defying stunts and replaced the tyre smoke with gigantic clouds of kicked-out sand. The result, we must admit, is absolutely stunning, and leaves one with his heart in his mouth on more than one occasion. Oh, and the new off-the-road format has been given its own name too – it’s called the Terrakhana.

The film is essentially a promotion for Pennzoil’s motor oil. Block is hooning his 600 hp Ford Fiesta ST RX43 for the video which was shot in Swing Arm City, Utah.

From going sideways inches away from a frighteningly high cliff, going airborne like a bird, to missing a boulder by inches in-air at some dangerous speeds, Block seems to have outdone himself yet again. Watch this spectacle of insanity – it would be the best five minutes you would spend today. Here’s the video.

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