VIDEO: Renault Clio RS cuts off Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring, gets flipped on its roof

VIDEO: Renault Clio RS cuts off Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring, gets flipped on its roof

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The Nurburgring is one of the most beloved racetracks in the world, adored by the public and elite racers alike. For one thing, it is open to the public on most days, unless there’s a test or race going on. Tourists can also hire a car or bike from one of the many rental shops near the track and explore the track just like any pro racer.

It is also called “The Green Hell” by Jackie Stewart for a reason. Its combination of treacherous corners and virtually no runoff areas in most corners make driving here fast a feat that only the brave and talented should attempt. And certainly not this tourist.

This video, captured from the dashcam of a Nissan GT-R driver, shows him driving pretty well, minding his lines and overtaking with considerable caution. He is following two Porsches, and considerably slower Renault Clio RS 4. Approaching a lefthander, the Clio driver stays on the left, giving a wide berth to the two Porsches behind him to pass.


But he apparently doesn’t see the black Nissan GT-R looming up in his rear-view mirror. He cuts left abruptly, aiming late for the apex, and then is when the Nissan’s front tyre hits his car with full force. The GT-R driver’s quick reflexes aren’t enough to save him, but he does veer to the right and stop. As he does so, his dash cam shows the Clio on its roof, skidding a good 50 yards before hittin the guard rails and coming to a stop.

From what we can learn in the video description, marshals at the track arrived at the track within seconds and no one was grievously injured. On a normal track day at the ‘ring, slower cars need to stick to the right and let faster ones pass. Even if the Nissan’s driver has track insurance, the guy driving the Clio still has to deal with paying for the rescue service, cleaning the track and fixing the barrier. Ouch on top of ouch!

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