Video: Open a Briefcase Online to Win a Nissan Rogue Crossover

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 Nissan Rogue Briefcase

Nissan is promoting its 2014 Rogue crossover in a unique way. The Japanese carmaker has put up a video online, showing a man being robbed by a bunch of goons. The storyline shows a lady driving a Rogue with a man sitting in the backseat. The lady is handed a briefcase by a motorcyclist at a traffic junction, who dies the very next moment in a crash. The duo is then intercepted by a bunch of goons. The lady is a fine driver, and with the Rogue at her services, she offers us an action packed chase sequence, before being chased down and cornered by the assailants.

The briefcase, by this time has been handed over to the man in the backseat who is asked to get out of the car and hand the briefcase to the gangsters. The ‘rogues’ then take the briefcase in their possession and open it to reveal the key for the new 2014 Nissan Rogue. The video ends with the gangster telling you that there are three more such briefcases to be opened.

The video is essentially a part of Nissan’s online contest, where you have to open one of the three number locked briefcases in limited attempts. If you manage to open any one of the briefcase, the key to a shiny new Nissan Rogue inside is yours, and so is the car.

Check out the video below, and try your luck! Who knows, you may be the next one to drive off with the sexy crossover!

Nissan Rogue Briefcase 3

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