VIDEO: On its 45th birthday, Range Rover drives over a bridge made of paper

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Range Rover Paper Bridge (5)

Land Rover celebrated 45 years of their Range Rover by driving it over a bridge built from nothing but paper! The model which achieved this historical feat was the 6 millionth model of Range Rover rolled out of the British manufacturer’s factory. Land Rover commissioned the unique bridge to mark the 45th anniversary of its Range Rover family and to highlight 45 years of Range Rover innovation ahead of the Guangzhou Motor Show in China.

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The freestanding structure made out of paper took three days to construct in the ancient water city of Suzhou, China. Suzhou is famous for its bridges and is nicknamed as ‘Venice of the East’. The unique crossing was made of high quality paper supplied by specialist British manufacturer James Cropper PLC. Environmental artist Steve Messam designed and executed the five metre long construction with 54,390 pieces of just paper. Using the arch technique the pieces were packed tightly without any glue or bolts.

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On the accomplishment of this unique feat, Steve Messam said that paper structures capable of supporting people have been built before, and with the unique bridge-stunt Range Rover is pushing engineering boundaries. He further added that the Range Rover’s ease and composure with which it negotiated the arch was genuinely breathtaking.

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Land Rover Experience Chief Instructor Chris Zhou was entrusted with negotiating the paper bridge, using a variety of all-terrain tech to preserve the delicate fabric of the unique structure. All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) allows drivers to concentrate purely on steering the vehicle when negotiating difficult or slippery terrain by maintaining a set speed without any pedal inputs. Range Rover’s advanced lightweight body and peerless terrain capabilities were the crucial factors in making this unique drive possible.

Check out the video for the Range Rover’s crazy stunt!

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