All new Audi TT gets leaner, greener life cycle

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Who would not like to save the environment… in style? Well, German luxury car maker Audi has put up a new variant of its two door sports car, the TT, with a greener life cycle. The company claims that it has made significant gains in reducing the whole-life impact on the environment of its latest high-tech sports car. The new Audi TT scores high with an increase in power output of up to 14 per cent and a simultaneous decrease in greenhouse gas emissions of 11 per cent.

Audi states in its new life cycle assessment of the third-generation TT that each car in the series saves around 5.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases over its entire life cycle. This includes not just carbon dioxide, but other substances such as methane, nitrous oxide and halogenated organic emissions.


Expressing his views on this greener Audi TT, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Technical Development at AUDI AG said, “Our goal is to reduce significantly the overall emissions of each model compared with its predecessor. However, it’s not just a matter of what comes out of the exhaust pipe. At Audi, we look at the entire product and process chain associated with mobility.”

A host of technologies have contributed towards the positive life cycle assessment of the Audi TT, including lightweight construction. The intelligent combination of materials has helped Audi engineers, for the second time in a row, in reducing the car’s unladen weight. The first model change in 2006 saw weight savings of up to 90 kilograms. With the front-wheel driven 2.0 TFSI engine variant, the new TT now weighing in at just 1,230 kilograms. The engineers have once again been able to shed off around 50 kilograms of weight from its predecessors.

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