VIDEO : Mercedes-AMG C63 Driver Hits Cop To Evade Penalty

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A shocking video, published by YouTuber ViralHog, captured a Mercedes-AMG C63 driver hitting a New York Police Department (NYPD) cop in an attempt to evade a traffic ticket. The incident took place in Manhattan, New York where the black Mercedes-AMG C63 was seen doing burnout at the Times Square before a cop stopped the performance sedan. The driver of the vehicle, instead of stopping, hit the cop and drove away.

Check out the entire incident in the video below. (Warning: Strong language)

The YouTuber wrote in the description column:

“On Friday or Saturday nights when I have time, I post up in Times Square to film the nice cars that pass through for my Instagram stories while I longboard. So I saw some nice cars passing by and I jumped out of Starbucks for the 4th time and skated after them. I went up ahead to get some nice footage which is when a random Mercedes came out of nowhere and started a rolling burnout. I turned my camera on him and that’s the video footage started. Afterwards, I followed the police, but they couldn’t stop the car as he drifted down 42nd and got away.”


We’re sure the registration of the vehicle would’ve been caught on one of the several cameras in the area and the driver of the black Mercedes-AMG C63 would be arrested soon. He should’ve taken the ticket instead. Agree? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

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