VIDEO : Man in the Mirror Talks Against Drunk Driving So You Don’t End Up Like Him

Mirror on the wall advises bar patrons against drunk driving. Here are more details and the complete video.

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It’s that time of the year when we bid adieu to the outgoing year and welcome the next in high spirits. Most of us would be headbanging at a club nearby or probably sharing a beer or two with close friends at an closed event. Some folks, however, fueled by the New Year’s spirit, may decide to drive themselves instead of taking a cab and that’s, most definitely, is the worst decision ever.


A bar in LA, California had one of the best way to advice its patrons about the consequences of drunk driving and why they should never do it. The bar surprised its visitors by making the guests interact with Kris Caudilla, a person imprisoned for 15 years for DUI manslaughter. Caudilla crashed into St. Johns County deputy James Anderson Jr. and killed him while drunk driving.

Caudilla talks to the bar patrons from the Florida State Prison via a mirror in the washroom, warning them about the consequences of drunk driving and why they shouldn’t do it. Check out the video below that would definitely make you take a cab back home and avoid drunk driving:

We urge all our readers not to drive under the influence of the alcohol. Take a cab home and make roads safer for everyone. Make sure you share the video with your beloved ones too. Do share your views about the video through the comments section below.

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