Video: Kapil Sharma sells a Honda Mobilio as a salesman, retains it as a husband

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So it isn’t a secret that Honda’s new Mobilio is being promoted by funny man Kapil Sharma. The plot revolves around Mr Sharma playing a salesman who encounters various personalities in a Honda showroom . He goes on to impress those prospective buyers with his witty answers webbed around the Mobilio’s features. (Click to read our review of the Honda Mobilio) 

The newest advert features his on-screen wife coming to the showroom as a potential buyer. Although he is a salesman, as a husband he is curious to find out who will pay for the purchase. When the wife declares, it will be a gift from his father-in-law, they go around discussing family planning, as they are just the both of them, but the Mobilio is a seven seater. It ends with the man selling a car and still keeping it.

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  • Vipul Mehta says:

    Kapil ki baat nirali awesome act

  • Anonymous says:

    looks like kapil overshadows mobilio in the ad
    good ad

  • Advertiser says:

    They would have already thought about it and the idea probably would have been shot down instantly.

    They would still do something like that but that would not have to be sales led but should include a broader engagement platform. Will have to wait and see what Honda does

  • nupur says:

    vry nice

  • Akhilesh says:

    Best ad by Kapil No ads are remember till Honda make a very strategic decision to choose a person like kapil who always being loved by the people. This decision is far better to choose Kapil rather than to choose any other cricketer or film star celebrity as they might be hit or flop. Play well in Cricket or may be not. But Kapil is always…..

    As Strategist Honda can make an offer to all or first 100 Buyers get an opportunity to meet Kapil or get a pass of Kapil’s Show.
    Better Strategy. (Honda should also pay me for this better Idea… 🙂 )