VIDEO: Huracan owner in Bangalore discovers his car’s launch control feature, flaunts it on a public road


Update: The uploader has taken the video down due to reasons unknown

The Lamborghini Huracan is a loud car. For the way it looks, and for how it sounds. An attention magnet even when it’s standing still, it sure does put on a show when in motion. To fend off a mesmerized audience and keep them from coming too close, those who can afford these machines in India, often employ a pack of burly men who escort their possession in a large MPV and help the low slung thing make its way like it’s an Ambulance.


With similar luxury at his disposal, this particular Huracan owner in Bangalore took his machine out for a spin in the middle of the day, making the traffic pull out its cellphones to click the car. But when you’ve got a crowd, you must put on a show, and that’s exactly what happened. His hired men block traffic, including a public transport bus, so that he could put the car’s launch control feature to test. He takes off to terrorize a man who was going about his business on a little moped, and soon hits seriously dangerous speeds. Our minds shudder at the thought of what would’ve happened if someone had decided to cross the road, or if the car would’ve lost control?

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