VIDEO: Ford F-250 driver crashes after tailgating and showing obscene signs to car in front


Tailgating a vehicle on the highway invites trouble. Here is the proof ! This reckless driver of a Ford F-250 crashed his truck after tailgating a car for several minutes. The car was driving slow in the left lane, so even the car is at fault for this.



 Ford F-250


The accident happened earlier this week in Tampa, Florida when the driver who recorded this video was heading to work. The driver was on the left lane doing about 60 mph (96 km/h) and was being tailgated by a Ford F-250.

Here is the video :

While tailgating the car, the Ford F-250 driver failed to see in front and made a last-minute maneuver to avoid a collision. He lost control of the truck and ended up crashing on the other side of the road. Immediately after the accident, the truck driver fled scene but eventually was caught by the local authorities and is now being charged.


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