Video: Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger Go Out to Play Wearing BFGoodrich Shoes

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BFgoodrich tyres Camaro challenger

BFGoodrich, the well known American brand of tires has come up with a new promo video showing the sensational duo of the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger having some fun. The performance tire brand, with this video featuring its g-Force Comp 2 range of tires aims at showcasing the crisp steering response, sharp handling and predictable feedback offered by its products.

BFGoodrich is a performance tire brand, and participates regularly in motorsport to prove its superiority where it matters most. The company has enjoyed success in several motorsport events, most notably with 17 victories in Baja California Competitions and 5 wins in the Paris–Dakar Rally. The Columbia space shuttle was also fitted with BFGoodrich tires during its construction in 1977.

The video portrays the iconic Camaro and Challenger cars shod with the g-Force Comp2 tires and performing stunts in both dry and wet conditions with great aplomb. While the video is focused towards showcasing the superiority of the tires against competition, for the fans, the two exponents of the American Muscle should offer enough eye candy to get hooked. Check out the video of the tires below, whose maker proclaims that the g-Force Comp2 tires are ‘your ticket to Playground Earth’

BFgoodrich tyres Camaro challenger 2

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