VIDEO : Breathtaking Save By BMW S1000RR Rider After Being Hit By A Car At Over 100 MPH

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Here’s something that you do not witness everyday. A BMW S1000RR rider, riding skillfully at the Nurburgring Race Circuit, gets hit by a car at 105 mph (169 kph). However, rider’s quick thinking saved him from crashing on the circuit. The rider of the S1000RR, David Monaghan, shared the footage from his action camera on YouTube on May 8, 2017 and the video has received over 2.26 lakh views. Monaghan added in the description, “Hit by car just after 7’25” (in the video). The guy (driver of the Seat Leon) doesn’t check his mirrors and nearly pulls out on the Porsche that I am behind and then pulls out and hits me.”

Before we go further, check out the video below.

Despite getting hit by the Seat Leon, and being pushed off the track, Monaghan’s quick thinking saved him from crashing into the grass. He added in the video description, “As I passed him the Seat pulled out into me and knocked me off the track. I knew well not to pull the front brake on the grass and so ended up in the drainage gravel riding the bottom of the barrier at 100mph. All I could think was that at some point the front would fold and I needed to try and hold it to scrub as much speed off as possible before the inevitable. Somehow I managed to keep it upright until it pinged me off towards the track again.”


The slow moving car (circled in the image)

So what exactly happened? Why did the Seat Leon driver suddenly pull towards the left? Apparently, there was another car which dropped the anchor right in front of the Seat Leon while the Porsche Cayman overtook both the vehicles. The driver of the Seat Leon, in an attempt to steer clear and overtake the slow moving car ahead, completely missed the S1000RR, pushing the supersport off the track.


We believe that the marshals should reserve different time schedules for motorcycles and cars on the circuit to avoid such incidents. Agree? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

You can read the complete description about the incident here

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