VIDEO: Angry Elephant goes on a rampage in Kerela, damages bikes, autorickshaws and tempo


Elephant rampage 1

People today are used to the terms such as torque and horsepower but how often has one heard or rather seen the “Elephant-power”? Here when we say Elephant power we are referring to an incident that occurred in the state of Kerala. An elephant went on a rampage in the Kerala and damaged various properties in its way.

The incident took place in the city of Palakkad when an elephant known as Devidasan was readied to perform at a religious function. Probably fed up of the way it was treated and made to wear ornaments during these functions, Devidasan reportedly got irritated and started attacking the vehicles in the vicinity.

Elephant rampage

Among the vehicles damaged were a few motorcycles, an autorickshaw and a cargo rickshaw. Also seen are two mahouts who were sitting on the elephant trying to control it but their efforts didn’t seem to bear any fruit. The elephant was initially tied to an anchor but it managed to break free before unleashing fear in the minds of the local residents. The alleged video also went viral on various social networking sites bringing the attention of animal rights activists who condemned the incident.

Here is the video of the incident:


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