[VDO] Chevrolet Cruze Plays Pac-Man! No, Kidding!

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In a very refreshing and fun auto ad in a long time, a bunch of blokes from a Chinese ad agency have replicated a full size Pac- Man universe, where a white Chevrolet Cruze- the Pac Man is chased by its four enemies – Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde who are played by four other black Cruze sedans. The top-notch driving skills of the five stunt drivers in the video could probably bring a dead puppy back to life, it’s that awesome!

The commercial is played with a background song called “F*cking Rock and Roll” by the band “The League” and needless to say it contains some explicit lingo. So, if you are watching this from your office cubicle, it would be a good time to use those headphones. Or not. Whatever. It’s F* RNR!

Watch the video below…

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