Triumph to launch Street Single in Indian market

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As we reported some days back, British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph has planned some smaller capacity models specifically for the Indian market. It is now confirmed that the seller of some of the most expensive bikes in the country is busy with the development of the above mentioned small bikes.

One of the bikes to come to us will be the Street Single. Powering this bike will be a liquid-cooled, four-valve, single-cylinder 250cc engine. The new small capacity models are allegedly on the drawing board right now, and it will take about three years before they are introduced to the market. This surely is great news for us. A manufacturer of Triumph’s repute taking India so seriously and developing models specific to it says a lot about the underlying potential of this market. The Indian motorcycle bazaar is currently undergoing a phase shift. The predominantly small commuter bike driven market is now showing signs that it has the potential to create volumes if the products cater to the buyer’s aspirations without going overboard with the price. In all probability, bikemakers like Triumph will ensure that we’ll soon have a wide variety of reasonably powerful two to three cylinder machines to choose from in the Rs 2-4 lakh price bracket. And wouldn’t we love that!