Top Gear ranks the Indestructible HM Ambassador as the best taxi in the world

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Ambassador voted best taxi

In a global taxi shootout conducted by Richard Hammond of Top Gear UK, our very own and beloved HM Ambassador was voted the best taxi in the world. Holding its ground against taxis from countries like Britain, America, Germany, South Africa, Mexico and Russia- the HM Ambassador invited praises from UK-based motor museum Beaulieu titled the iconic car as ‘Indestructible’ and quoted “It’s so tough that, although it now lives in World of Top Gear, with a quick wash and brush up, it could be back in service tomorrow”.

Based on the Morris Oxford III, the Amby (as affectionately called) first started rolling out of Hindustan Motor’s plant in 1958 with the first revamped Ambassador Mark II being presented to our then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Later being no less than a status symbol and the pride of its owners, the Ambassador in the present age only lives in memories of its bygone glory. Now serving as taxis in a few cities with the only saving grace being its utility by ministers and Parliament members.

On a different note, it’s indeed disheartening to see an iconic car as the Amby dying a slow and painful death, rather won’t be incorrect to say that the car is on its last stage towards extinction. Hindustan Motors trying to revive the brand by launching a pickup version is no less than an insult to the legendary car. We hope HM takes heart from this good news and works towards restoring glory the Amby rightfully deserves.

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