The New Motion to invest INR 1000 crore for smart chargers in India for electric vehicles


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It seems like the electric vehicle (EV) scene in India is getting serious, thanks to a Dutch EV charging stations manufacturer. The company’s name is The New Motion and they have decided to cough up INR 1000 crore to set up their first manufacturing facility of charging stations in the country. The New Motion is one of the world’s leading companies for electric vehicle charging station solutions and has a wide network all over Europe. The government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 initiative is what seems to have drawn in the Dutch company to India.

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The New Motion’s smart chargers take less than 30 minutes to charge 80% of an electric vehicle.

According to Ritsaart Montfrans, founder and CEO at The New Motion, “In Europe there’ll be 3 million electric vehicles in the coming 5 years. We expect the numbers in India to be much larger than that.” Montfrans believes that the cost of the whole process would become more affordable if the manufacturing of these charging stations are done in India. In fact, if this Indian venture by The New Motion turns out to be viable and feasible for the company, the charging station maker will consider exporting their product from India for other countries.


Such charging stations are becoming common abroad. India could also join in very soon.

One of the primary gripes of owning an EV is the time they take to charge up to 100% on regular power sockets, which can range from 6-7 hours. However, with The New Motion smart chargers, 80% charge can be achieved in 15-30 minutes. This only helps with the growth of the country’s EV ecosystem, which at present, is next to negligible. With the Indian governments NEMMP undertaking, companies like The New Motion will stand a better chance of penetrating this virtually non-existent market in India.

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Electric public transport may do the deed to kick-start EV ecosystem in India.

 That said, many experts still believe that if this industry (EV) is to take off in India, the government needs to be more proactive and pitch in even more capital. The required investment is calculated to be between INR 13,000 – 14,000 crore, spread over a period of five to six years. The experts also cite the use of electric tech in public transportation, which they believe will usher in a good start to the whole EV ecosystem in India. We do agree with the experts on this front, tell us what you think on this whole deal. Do you think electric vehicles and their respective ecosystem will takeoff in India. Would you buy an EV if such fast charging ports make their way into our country? Write your thoughts and opinions in the comments section, below.

Source – ET Auto

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