The ER Kit for BMW Motorrad R nineT Blends Retro with Rocketship Cool

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The BMW Motorrad R nineT is a bloody cool looking motorcycle by itself. So when someone decides to make it look more fashionable, he’d better know his stuff, or it’d turn into a visual disaster. Dab Design, from France, took on the mantle of making this h

appen, and what they’ve come up with is an unusually eye-catching, sci-fi version on the retro racer. Founded by Simon Dabidie, the bolt on kit designed for the R nineT is called the ER Kit and is a unique take on what a retro styled machine should look like. The kit is in a concept stage, but the striking design demands a mention here on these pages of Motoroids

The ER kit, or the Enhanced Racer kit, has 13 parts in all, and can be bolted on to the R nineTs from the year 2014 on models. It requires you to take out most of the standard bodiwork, while retaining the chassis, powerplant and other key mechanicals. The ER Kit then replaces the bodywork, the headlight and the DRLs, rear seat cowl and other componets like fork head, fenders and side covers.

The bodywork material can be chosen from among fibreglass, carbon fibre and natural flax fibre. Color options also vary for the type of bodywork you choose from. So while you can choose from all the colors available on the R nineT for the fibreglass bodywork i.e. black silver and racer. You can also specify a custom color for the fibreglass version. For the carbon-fibre kit as well as the flax fibre kit, however, you have the choice of matt or gloss varnish.

The ER Kit is still in its concept stage, though it is expected to be delivered to customers by June 2018. Prices are not very wallet friendly, as you would imagine, and the fibreglass version can be had (after a 50% discount on Indiegogo) for about 2,000 Euros or Rs 1.5 lakh. The carbonfibre and flax Fibre fibre versions would cost about 3400 Euro or a hefty Rs 2.6 lakh. Shipping would be extra, please.

Here’s a video of the Kit Concept followed by an image gallery