Tesla Gearing Up To Enter The Ride-Hailing Market?

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If there’s any manufacturer which has made its absolute mark in automotive innovation in the past few years, it has to be Tesla. The American electric car manufacturer has developed some of the most exciting and desirable Electric Vehicles in the past few years. Tesla might be at the top of the EV food chain but it is still relentless in its approach, constantly rolling out innovative ideas and concepts. And now, if reports are to be believed, Tesla is now looking forward to enter ride-hailing services as well.

More details on Ride Hailing

To begin with, ride-hailing is when a rider “hails” or hires a personal driver to take them exactly where they need to go. The transportation vehicle is not shared with any other riders, nor does it make several stops along a route. Or in simpler words, Uber.

2021 Tesla Model S front 3 quarters

The reason why it is being speculated that Tesla might roll out its own ride-hailing services is because Tesla is preparing to move all driver data and settings into the cloud ahead of the launch of its “Tesla Network” ride-hailing app launch. If you didn’t know so far, even in their current iterations, driver profiles are still uploaded in the vehicle in order to automatically have your seat, mirror, music settings, etc. set in your vehicles as you get inside. Now, Green, a Tesla hacker, well known for finding new features in software updates, has found that Tesla is working to bringing its driver profiles to the cloud instead of existing in the cars.

Tesla ride hailing services

According to green, the Tesla Cloud Profile that has already been uploaded would be with a person anywhere, and would automatically be uploaded whenever entering or riding another Tesla EV. Profiles such as demographics, settings, games, and other data would reflect in the new EV’s infotainment system, effectively personalizing it.

Tesla Model 3 interiors (1)


If Tesla is really looking forward to enter the ride-hailing business, this might mean big trouble for companies like Uber. There’s no point in expecting the same service to make its way to India because as of now, Tesla doesn’t even have its retail operations established here. In related news, Tesla is looking forward to mark its foray in the Indian market with the Model 3 which should land here sometime this year.

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