Suzuki Wagon R FZ Hybrid comes to India for R&D purposes

Suzuki Wagon R FZ Hybrid comes to India for R&D purposes. It has a 660cc petrol engine that is backed by an electric motor and mated to a CVT gearbox.

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Maruti Suzuki has always been known for their fuel-efficient cars and the Wagon R is no different. The ARAI claimed fuel consumption figure for the petrol Maruti Wagon R is 20 km/l. However, hybrids usually offer more in terms of outright frugality and efficiency. It has come to our notice that Maruti Suzuki has just imported a Suzuki Wagon R FZ Hybrid. This, for now at least, is purely for R&D purposes of the car.


Latest generation (Japan market) Suzuki Wagon R pictured for representation (right).

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R sold currently in India is one of the most frugal and best-selling hatchbacks. The tallboy design may not appeal to everyone, but its K-Series petrol engine makes decent power and is efficient too. Maruti will also be introducing a more efficient Wagon R soon. This upcoming model will feature a fuel-saving Idling-Stop tech (stop-start) and also get an automated manual transmission.


The lithium-ion battery on the Wagon R FZ Hybrid is found under the front pax seat.

The Suzuki Wagon R FZ Hybrid has a tiny 660cc petrol engine that comes mated to a CVT gearbox. This is backed up by an electric motor which is supported by a lithium-ion battery. The latter is actually housed underneath the front passenger seat. The electric motor plays its cards during engine start-up and it also turns on the engine. The latter comes in handy when stuck in stop-go traffic. Though quite small, the electric motor also recuperates energy during vehicle deceleration. This recuperated energy is then used to power the A/C and audio system, further improving the car’s efficiency. We cannot be sure if Maruti Suzuki will launch this in India since high pricing could be an issue.

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