Stripped down Fiesta spied in the ‘Classic’ avatar

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Recently Ford officially announced that they will be launching the new Fiesta sedan in India. Company’s MD and President Mr. Michael Boneham also announced that the current Fiesta will keep selling alongside the new car. What you in these pictures is how the current-gen Fiesta will look once the new Fiesta takes over.

The current Fiesta will be rebadged ‘Fiesta Classic’ and will be sold at a price much lesser than the current levels. To justify the reduction in the prices, as evident from the pictures, the current Fiesta will undergo some changes. The car will be stripped down substantially to reduce the prices.

Visible changes on the car include black body plastics in certain places such as mirrors and door handles. The number plate garnish too gets the black plastic treatment. The Fiesta in its new avatar will try to fill in the boots of the Ikon by providing an affordable, yet capable car to value seekers and taxi operators.

Source: Anything on Wheels

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