Strati roadster becomes first functional 3D printed car ever made

Local Motors' Strati roadster is world's first functional 3D printed car. Read ahead for details, images and production video.

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Back in school days, I remember printing car posters for my home walls and little stickers in my books. Little did I know that it would be possible printing a full sized functional roadster from a printer. Sounds too futuristic, doesn’t it? Guess what! It is already happening. Automotive innovation company, Local Motors has successfully built world’s first functional 3D printed car. The roadster is made from carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic.


Local Motors have named this 3D printed roadster as Strati which is a 2 seater electric vehicle. The entire time required to make the Strati is 44 hours. The design has been made by Michele Anoe from Italy. Powering the Strati roadster is an electric motor and powertrain which is borrowed from Renault Twizy. The roadster can reach a top speed of about 64 kph and can cover 200 kms of range on a full charge.

Here is a YouTube video that shows the production of the Strati. Check it out and do let us know your thoughts and opinions through comments below.

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