Step Into A Luxurious ‘Universe’ With The Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus Edition

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The ultra-luxury carmaker Rolls Royce already had enough under its wings to wow people all around the globe. Recently, NASA’s perseverance rover landed on Mars and maybe Rolls Royce pulled out not just a leaf, but the entire book from NASA to transform their already super luxurious, engineering marvel, work-of-art Phantom into a universe and cosmos inspired timeless piece of machinery depicting the infinity and the aura of our lovely universe, inside a Phantom. Only Rolls-Royce can do this.

More details

Diving into the details, this new Phantom is christened as Phantom Tempus edition which is limited to 20 units. Quite unlike the infinite bounds of the universe but very much like the exclusive and ultra-premium offerings that Rolls-Royce offers.

Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus front look

On the outside, the changes aren’t many with the exception of a new colour scheme – Kairos Blue, further implying the dark and mysterious universe which we know nothing much about. It features some blue mica flakes which can be seen properly if viewed from correct angles. All the major changes are on the inside.

The interior headliner represents a mind-blowing (x2) depiction of a pulsar, not the bajaj one of course. In astronomy, a pulsar is a highly magnetized rotating compact star, that emits beams of electromagnetic radiation out of its magnetic poles. This radiation can be observed only when a beam of emission is pointing towards Earth and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of emission, hence the name.

Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus interiors

Another thing you’d definitely notice on the inside is the divinely engineered dashboard, which Rolls Royce refers to as ‘frozen flow of time.’ It consists of a single billet of aluminium in which 100 individual columns were milled to represent the 100-million-year period of a pulsar’s rotational spin. Rolls Royce stuff. Pop open the glovebox and a timeless quote from Albert Einstein greets you – “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Truly, epic. Furthermore, buyers can customize a very Rolls Royce offering – the spirit of ecstasy, engraving a timestamp on the base of it to further add a Midas touch.

Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus side look

Oh, did we mention that you get a custom-built champagne chest on the inside which features a hand-painted pulsar. It’s big enough to store and chilled champagne, caviar, four flutes, and a mother-of-pearl caviar spoon.

Mechanically, it draws power from the same 6.8L, twin-turbo V8, and not a rocket engine, that delivers 563BHP of peak power and 900Nm of peak torque. All that grunt is sent to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. The standard Phantom starts at INR 8.99 crores and goes up to INR 10.48 crores ( ex-showroom ). The prices for the Tempus haven’t been revealed but it should be as ginormous as the universe itself.

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