Smog Effect: NGT Orders New Ban on Vehicles in NCR Region, Old Cars, Trucks Taken Off the Road


NGT, or National Green Tribunal, which is the regulator for environment related concerns in India has issued a fresh ban on old vehicles in the NCR looking at the grave smog conditions in the region. Only yesterday we reported accidents owing to smog which took more than 13 lives in separate incidents. Even off the road, inside their own homes, residents of the NCR region are not able to breathe owing to the high levels of smoke and pollutants in the air. NGT, thus, has ordered a ban on old vehicles plying in the region, while also taking the authorities to task for having failed miserably in controlling the pollution levels.

UPDATE: Odd-even to be implemented in Delhi from November 13 to 17 2017 as a measure to fight pollution

As a part of the new guidelines, Diesel vehicles older than 10 years and petrol cars older than 15 years will be banned from plying in the NCR region. Such vehicles, even from the outer regions will not be allowed to enter the NCR. Even trucks carrying construction material are ordered to be stopped in the entire NCR. The NCR region comprises Delhi, and some adjoining cities from other states like Haryana, Rajasthan and UP.

On the sidelines of the fresh diktat from NGT, the Delhi High Court has also swung into action and ordered the central and state governments to hold emergency meetings to find ways to handle the catastrophic pollution and smog conditions. Options like employing odd-even rule, declaring public holidays during crisis period and artificial rain to settle down the pollutants  will be considered during the meet, among others.

“Articles 21 & 48 of the Constitution mandate that it is the responsibility of governments to make sure that citizens get a clean and conducive environment. Right to life is being snatched from people since they’re not getting a clean environment,” ANI quoted the tribunal as saying.

Are there any other ways you can think of to tackle this scenario? Do share your views on the topic through the comments section below, or give us a shoutout on any of our social channels. Who knows, your idea may be heard and implemented to rid our capital from the crisis it’s going through at the moment.

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  • Sidharth jain says:

    Should plan and keep different closing time for school and offices to avoid unnessary creation of traffic.
    Like school closing time 2 pm and near by school timming 1pm, 3pm , 2.30pm….
    Office timming 4pm, 5pm ,6pm ,7pm, 8pm.

    This will help avoiding creation of traffic.
    Can reduce smoke leavel at peak time.