Skoda Fabia RS2000 Roadster shown at GTI-Treffen

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Skoda has showcased the Fabia RS2000 design concept at GTI-Treffen GTI-Treffen, an event taking place for tuners in Reifnitz, by Lake Wörthersee. In its thirtieth year, the event attract tuners from all across Europe  is set to attract tuning fans from all over Europe. Skoda Auto, apart from the Fabia RS2000 will also exhibit the sporty Fabia RS and the Fabia Monte Carlo at the event. Besides the latest innovations in its sports models, ŠKODA will be offering a packed programme of entertainment.

Skoda Fabia RS2000 Roadster

Built specifically for the GTI-Treffen, the RS2000 draws on the successful Fabia Super 2000 rally car. The RS200 roadster has been built with dynamism and ‘the joy of sporty driving’ as its mottos. The RS2000 is a four-door, four seater roadster version of the Fabia with some beef added around the wheel arches to make obvious its more aggressive DNA.

“These days, the GTI-Treffen is rightly hailed by fans of powerful engines and sporty customization as the Mecca of car tuning,” says ŠKODA boss Winfried Vahland. “Anyone who comes to the event once never wants to miss another year of this fascinating get-together. The jubilee year of 2011 is a welcome opportunity for us to show off our sports models and make sure that everyone knows that ŠKODA really has something to offer here.”

Don’t expect this concept to hit the production lines, as this beauty is meant only for the eyes for now.

Skoda Fabia RS2000 Roadster

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