Ishaan Dodhiwala and Karminder Pal Singh register wins in the first two races of Volkswagen Vento Cup 2016

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Vento Cup 2016’s first race kicked off under sunny conditions at Kari Motor Speedway near Coimbatore. With the temperatures going up, the drivers had a task to keep it cool inside the car and get through the first race without any major damages – a task that almost all of them accomplished. Driving clean almost throughout the race was a mix of new and old drivers who showed great signs of matured racing in the first race of the season.

 Ishaan said, “This is an absolutely emotional victory for me. It’s my first one and has come after having a perfect weekend so far. I had the pace throughout and I knew I could win if I made it cleanly through the first corner.” He further added, “I would like to dedicate this victory to my dad on Father’s Day today who has been a fantastic support all the time.”

2. (L-R)Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India, Karminder Pal...

The second race was preceded by a lot of confusion owing to the changing weather conditions. With light drizzles setting in, the decision to go on slicks or wets was an important one. As the cars lined up to exit the pit lane on slicks, it started raining heavily and the cars were brought back into the pits for tyre change. A quick tyre change was done and the cars went out for a wet race.

Karminder Pal Singh commented after winning the second race of the day, “The conditions were really tough with wet track initially and then drying up. It was also the first time that we were out on wet tyres. So there was a lot to look out for while racing itself. But I managed to keep my cool and that’s a good way to sign off the weekend.”

Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India, commented “I am extremely delighted to see the performance of the drivers today. The new ones have come very close to the experienced ones in a rather short period of time. Most importantly, they drove very clean in both the races; especially incredible to see a really matured driving from of them when the conditions were wet and tough.”

4. Karminder Pal Singh defending top spot from Ishaan Dodhiwala in the w...

Volkswagen Vento Cup Race 1 Results:

Sr. No.Car NumberNameTotal TimeBest Lap
18Ishaan Dodhiwala15:04.48801:11.534
216Karminder Pal Singh+2.68601:11.939
311Keith Desouza+8.60001:12.285
47Aditya Pawar+11.41101:12.295
55Jeet Jhabakh+18.59901:12.935
63Amit Mete+20.07501:12.792
718Niranjan Todkari+22.33601:12.817
89Sree Venkata Teja+28.94601:12.589
920Pradeep Rao+30.08601:12.518
1012Gowdham Raj+32.75301:13.165
114Rajeev Srivastava+34.34301:13.127
126Hatim Shabbir+35.47101:13.165
131Rashad Khan+37.63801:13.333
1410Arfath Mohammed+39.99901:13.696
1514Eswar Bolisetti+40.56701:13.354
1617Arunshowry Vallabhaneni+42.80201:13.401
1719Abhishek Vakil+1:05.25101:15.520


Volkswagen Vento Cup Race 2 Results:

Sr. No.Car NumberNameTotal TimeBest Time
116Karminder Pal Singh15:20.69701:12.969
28Ishaan Dodhiwala+1.57201:12.915
37Aditya Pawar+7.61101:13.619
411Keith Desouza+11.83301:13.823
53Amit Mete+25.03801:14.712
65Jeet Jhabakh+30.03601:14.688
720Pradeep Rao+32.17501:15.045
818Niranjan Todkari+34.12301:15.019
99Sree Venkata Teja+37.31001:15.394
1010Arfath Mohammed+38.10801:15.178
1112Gowdham Raj+38.72601:14.937
1217Arunshowry Vallabhaneni+39.61201:14.653
136Hatim Shabbir+55.43201:14.785
1414Eswar Bolisetti+59.30601:17.431
151Rashad Khan+1:00.83001:16.816
1619Abhishek Vakil+1 lap01:18.968
174Rajeev Srivastava+2 lapDNF
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