Sebatian Buemi likely to make Renault/Red Bull switch

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This season has been a good one for Sebastian Buemi with respect to his on-track performances so far. If certain reports are to be believed, even the top teams have taken notice of his race exploits this year. According to a Swiss daily newspaper ‘Le Martin’, Buemi is hoping to be in the driver’s seat of the Red Bull car in the next season. The chances of such a switch happening does exist as he currently enjoys the backing of Red Bull, but are actually quite slim.The reason being that Red Bull Racing has already confirmed it’s decision to retain its current driver line-up for the 2011 F1 season.

Sebastian Buemi

However, the relations between Mark Webber and Red Bull have been severely strained of late. Also, Webber has spoken out openly about his feeling on receiving the No.2 treatment.On the other hand, Sebastian Buemi is without a driver’s contract with an F1 team for 2011. A few of Red Bull Racing’s team members have also been quoted by media reports as praising Buemi’s performance further fuelling his team switch speculation. Even Renault F1 has not been too coy about praising his performance this season and has also openly admitted that the possibility of Buemi driving for them in 2011 exists.

According to Helmut Marko, the Red Bull’s F1 consultant, Buemi’s Montreal race was perfect and exactly the kind of performance expected from him. He further revealed that if it continues the team might consider placing him in the Red Bull team for 2012. While Renault’s team boss Eric Boullier has said that Sebastian is on their list of potential driver’s for 2011. Eric further clarified that Buemi has a special place on the list because he knows and likes him very much on a personal level. Also, Renault is reportedly considering their future plans with its current pay driver Vitaly Petrov. Guess, we will have to await an official announcement from Buemi regarding his future in F1 for this Renault/ Red Bull switch speculation to either die down or come true!

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