Scoop! 2011 Yamaha SZ 150 – coming to India; images and details on price and launch

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We recently saw the Yamaha SZ 150 on test near Pune but unfortunately we could not catch the test mule on cam due to some unforeseen circumstances. However, we got enough info on the new 150cc commuter from India Yamaha Motor. The bike is essentially the same as the SZ Concept shown at the 2010 Auto Expo in Delhi. However, there are very minor changes that we’ll talk about on the next page. The new bike will be called the ‘SZ’ which is basically a younger sibling of the ‘FZ’ line-up. The tagline for the SZ is expected to read ‘Comfort & Convenience’.

That should give you a clear indication that this new bike from Yamaha is indeed a motorcycle for commuting from point A to point B and not for the performance hungry enthusiast. The SZ is expected to launch in September 2010, with deliveries commencing a couple of weeks before Diwali. The price range for this bike is expected to be in the 50,000-55,000 rupee range and it mainly targets the 125cc segment. At that price, the Discover 150 DTS-i still sounds like a better proposition, but we would like to hold our judgement until the bike and the price tag is publicly announced. Head over to the next page for all the minor details of the Yamaha SZ 150 with detailed images>>>

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  • chaitanya vedak says:

    is this the bike that Meghan had brought to the First Aid Meet, and had lost its Timing Chain Covers bolt, ruining his new Reeboks. 😉

    good to hear good reviews. the working is the same as HH Street.

  • Krishna says:

    How is it on the mileage front ?