Russia : Brand New Range Rover Evoque SUV Falls Off A Bridge; Incident Captured On Video

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The driver of this particular Range Rover Evoque SUV is lucky to be alive. Driver and the passenger miraculously escaped death and were hospitalized with some minor injuries. The incident took place in Russia where a brand new Range Rover Evoque SUV nosedived from a six stories tall bridge. The entire fiasco was captured on CCTV footage. As seen in the footage, a white car merely missed from going off the bridge. Soon after, a Range Rover Evoque SUV, speeding on a wet road, ran over the fence and plunged off the 66-feet tall bridge.

How would you make sure to not end up like this Range Rover Evoque SUV owner? Firstly, slowdown. ‘Leave early, reach safely’ should be your mantra while driving/riding your vehicle. Speeding on public roads, especially during wet conditions can result in a fatal accident. Always maintain lane discipline and drive within the speed limits. Tyres check-up is a crucial part of regular maintenance. Make sure your tyres have enough thread life left. If no, then immediately replace the tyres with company recommended brands and with the exact size.


What safety tips would you like to add for better driving? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

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