Royal Enfield Continental GT ‘Silver Bullet’ Is The Retro-Styled Beauty You’d Fall In Love With

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We’re sure you would’ve seen and admired the breathtakingly beautiful Royal Enfield Continental GT Surf Racer that was displayed at the 2017 Wheels and Waves festival in the French town of Biarritz. The Surf Racer packed minimal styling with premium hardware like upside down telescopic suspension upfront, a custom swingarm and a unique, underbelly placed rear suspension.


This time, something equally beautiful, and rather muscular has emerged from the stables of White Collar Bike. Based on the Royal Enfield Continental GT, this custom cafe racer, christened as the ‘Silver Bullet’, is a perfect mix of retro-styling with a hint of modern looks. This build is a collaboration between White Collar Bike and Royal Enfield Indonesia.


While the motorcycle retains the unmistakable cafe styling, it gets a hint of modern cues with the addition of LED lights and modern bodywork. Upfront, is a custom cafe racer fairing which is aimed to improve the aerodynamics on the run while adding to the aesthetics at a standstill. With bar-end mounted rear-view mirrors and front blinkers, the fascia of the Silver Bullet appears neat and clean.


The brushed aluminium body panels and rear suspension covers are further complemented by the contrasting, rider-only leather saddle and handlebar grips. The gas tank was created by layering aluminum sheets while a router machine was used to create the lines. The frame, side panel, swingarm are painted black while the engine gets highlights in the same colour. The underseat exhaust muffler is lends the motorcycle a clean look at the rear. A pair of LED lights placed below the exhaust muffler act as the tail light. The motorcycle riders on wider, soft compound tyres.


Front wheel hub came from old Honda CBX550F and was converted into wired wheel with TK rim and shod Bridgestone tire. Rear wheel hub has also been sourced from an old Honda CBX550F and converted into wired wheel with TK rim and wrapped in Bridgestone tire. Factory front fork has been replaced with an aftermarket unit. It was shortened to achieve the racing look. The rear shock absorber has been sourced from the Thruxton.


The original Continental GT speedometer has been replaced with another Royal Enfield sourced unit. The switches on this bike are made from CNC machined billet aluminum.


The upgrades are limited to visuals only and the motorcycle continues to use the stock engine with factory tuning. So the motorcycle continues to use the 535-cc, single cylinder, air cooled engine, tuned to deliver 29.1 bhp of maximum power @ 5,100 rpm and 44 Nm of peak torque @ 4,000 revs.


It’s a fine job that the folks at White Collar Bike have done with the Royal Enfield Continental GT Silver Bullet. The motorcycle, with its retro-styling, modern design cues and attention to detail makes it one of the finest mod-jobs that we’ve seen in the recent past. The guys at White Collar Bike operate in Indonesia and you can find all the information related to them on their official Facebook page.

Royal Enfield Continental GT – Silver Bullet (12)
Royal Enfield Continental GT – Silver Bullet (11)
Royal Enfield Continental GT – Silver Bullet (10)
Royal Enfield Continental GT – Silver Bullet (9)
Royal Enfield Continental GT – Silver Bullet (8)
Royal Enfield Continental GT – Silver Bullet (7)

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