Road rage involves man clinging onto dear life on a speeding car’s bonnet

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Road Rage Mumbai

What happened here was a bout of road rage that went a little overboard. The incident happened in Navi Mumbai, where two drivers got into a major tiff following a minor fender bender.

Abdul Rashid Ansari was piloting the speeding Maruti Swift that can be seen in the video, while the unlucky dude hanging on to dear life is Santosh Shimikar, driving a Volvo bus minutes before he ended up in this unfortunate position.

Apparently, Abdul Rashid Ansari lost his wits after the squabble and smashed the bus’s windscreen with a cricket bat. Shimikar, the bus driver lost his too, and climbed onto the bonnet of the Swift, in a bid to stop Ansari from scooting away. An unfazed Ansari just mashed the throttle, with Shimikar left with no choice, but to hang on the car’s bonnet.

Ansari drove rapidly for 300-400 meters, refusing to stop even though cops and pedestrians tried pulling him down, before Shimikar fell off. Thankfully, he sustained no injuries. The entire incident was picked up by CCTVs, and eventually, Mumbai Police tracked down the culprit and nabbed him.

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