Rendered: Gannet Design renders naked roadster version of Kawasaki Ninja H2

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The rendered Kawasaki Ninja H2 Naked Roadster

The street legal Kawasaki Ninja H2 is yet to make its public debut but Switzerland based design and strategic consulting company Gannet Designs has already come out with a rendering that portrays this superbike into a naked roadster avatar. To begin with, Gannet Design has used the track spec version, the H2R to form this naked roadster.

The superbike has been stripped off to bare minimum to expose the mechanicals and the re-coloured trellis frame. A horizontally placed Mickey Mouse’s head shaped headlight forms the front part of the motorcycle. Right behind the headlight is the set of stock, clip-on handlebars which, we think, should have been redesigned to match the naked roadster characteristics. Below the seat is a dual exhaust which has been placed there to lower centre of gravity. An under cowl has also been added to protect the lower mechanicals from muck and debris. The heat wrapping on the exhaust pipes should provide some solace from the heat that the nuclear powerhouse at the heart of the H2 would likely dissipate. The ram-air intake has been shortened in length as well.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R frame and mechanicals

Speaking about the naked roadster version of the Kawasaki Ninha H2, Gannet Design quoted, “The idea was to create a ‘de-Batman-ized’ design, but still keep a lot of attitude. By taking off the original fairing of the Kawasaki, we could expose more of the technical elements and beautiful trellis chassis. We created a rugged design with some retro detailing, but at the same time modern surfaces and volumes. A new designed tank and subframe for the tail section which integrates into the exposed main trellis frame. The underbelly fairing design is a loose reference to the vintage Kawasaki H2 racer from 1972 and gives the bike a good stance and visual stability.”

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