Renault teases Duster Detour concept. To be unveiled soon

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Renault duster Detour Concept

Renault Duster has been a runaway hit in India. The compact SUV, offered at a very competitive price has been selling like hotcakes for Renault India and has propelled the French carmaker into the big league of volume players in the Indian market. In the middle of its life cycle, the popular SUV is due to get a facelift soon, some pictures of which we have shared with you here on Motoroids already.

The news of the moment, however, is that Renault has created a new spinoff for the model, and named it the Duster Detour concept. Meant to be based on the face lifted version of the Duster, the Detour concept will make its first public appearance at the Johannesburg International Motor Show on October 16.

The Duster Detour is a bold concept with bright colors and loads of character. The teaser picture shows stylish five spoke black alloys with an orangish yellow inner lining for the rims. The exterior of the car is splashed in a two tone hue with matt grey combining with a pearl-finish yellow. The styling on the concept seems to have been influence by Dakar, and has been executed by Renault Design Central Europe in collaboration with a Johannesburg-based design studio.

The teaser photo shows that the fog lights have been moved to the front bumper, right under the radiator grille. Headlamps have been given some interesting detailing along with yellow and orange accents. Taillight has red stripes, usually seen on premium cars and features LED technology. While no pictures of the interior have been shown yet, expect the cabin also to get some tasty visual treatment.

Do let us know how interesting you think these changes would make the Duster Detour concept. Stay tuned for pictures of the complete car as soon as they are released.

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  • anurag says:

    i really praise your work,by giving us best and latest coverages. But this time you have gone out of the board by saying that duster is reasonably priced. Sir it is horribly overpriced,infact price is the only negative factor in it.Again sales have gone down drastically, so pls don”t say that its selling like hotcakes. Be realistic and show from your articles that what is correct situation ,so that companies can take note from it, and the enduser can get benefit.