Renault Duster Fails Latin NCAP Crash Test

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Adding another name after Suzuki Swift in the list of Latin crash test fails, the Renault Duster has also met the same fate. Made-in-India Suzuki Swift received a 0-star rating that resulted in people doubting the carmaker. Similarly, the New Car Assessment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean or the Latin NCAP crash test results were released recently, including the Renault Duster. The Renault Duster is a capable and durable compact SUV from the French carmaker and has gained quite some fan following. The crash test was done on the model made in Brazil and Romania. It is equipped with 2 airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard, achieved 0 stars under the Latin NCAP’s latest publication.

Here’s how the Duster fared

The tests on the New Duster were frontal impact and side-impact, whiplash and pedestrian protection, and also ESC. During the frontal impact, the Duster showed unstable structure performance and a fuel leak. The side impact test showed high intrusion of the B-pillar and an open door during the test. In the potential scenario of a regular test under side impact regulations UN95, this car would fail because of the door opening.

Renault Duster Latin NCAP 3

Renault Duster’s Performance

Whiplash test displayed poor neck protection. Child occupant performance also showed a low score as both the dummies heads contacted the vehicle interior, this is due to the lack of permanent airbag warning marking for passenger airbag disconnection and poor ISOFIX marking. Child Restraint System installation also showed a poor score. Pedestrian protection was satisfactory. Safety assist showed ESC met regulatory requirements and performed well until 80km/h in ADAC moose test and only 60km/h under the Consumer testing scenario.

Renault Duster Test Scores

In the Adult Occupant category, the popular SUV received 29.47%, 22.93% in the Child Occupant category, 50.79% in the Pedestrian Protection and Vulnerable Road Users category, and 34.88% in the Safety Assist category. Side body and side head protection airbags are not standard on the New Duster for Latin America, as they are on the Dacia model marketed in Europe. The model revealed an unstable structure performance and a fuel leakage in the frontal impact. During the side impact test, the B-pillar was heavily impacted and the door was left open.

Renault Duster Latin NCAP 2

Official statement

Stephan Brodziak, Latin NCAP Chairman said “Sadly, we see very bad results for two vehicles that are highly marketed in our region. Once again we see betrayed the trust that consumers place in certain manufacturers. It is very discriminating that, after more than 10 years of evaluating the safety performance of vehicles marketed in Latin America and the Caribbean, we continue to see 0-star cars. He further added, “In terms of vehicle safety, we are still treated as second-class citizens just so that some manufacturers can save money on vehicle production. The money these manufacturers save translates into fatalities and serious injuries that impact families and the economy of our region. Latin America doesn’t deserve more 0-star cars, enough of low-safety cars”.

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