Polaris Slingshot latest teaser up. July 27 launch

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Polaris Slingshot Patent Image

What was assumed to be a wicked looking reverse trike from Polaris seems to have hit reality. The latest teaser video by the world’s premiere ATV manufacturer gives a really good look of the Polaris Slingshot slated for launch on 27th of July 2014.

Polaris Slingshot front

The reverse trike features four running lights upfront- with two lights on the wings and two in the centre. The rear section highlights a stream of LED tail lights that not only look futuristic but keeps up with the aggressive front end. The wheel arches on the angular roofless & doorless trike look more of a pair of wings!

Polaris Slingshot rear

The cockpit looks simple yet modern and assumptions of a CVT on the Slingshot have been put to rest- thanks to the shift stick clearly visible in the video. Also icons of Traction and Stability Control shows the set of driver aid electronics with a switchable function for a more unplugged feel while rushing around a track.

Polaris Slingshot Cockpit

But the best part of the video has to the restless hustling sound of the Slingshot! The 6250 rpm redlining engine is rumoured to be a 2.4 litre Ecotec engine cranking out a meaty 200 bhp in what can be assumed to be a light weight package (the four wheeled KTM X-Bow weighs 790 kgs). All of those 200 horses are transmitted to the single rear wheel via a belt-drive.

Polaris Slingshot Belt Drive Sprocket

“It just blew my mind” says the video and looks like the Polaris Slingshot launch might just succeed to do the same to everyone.

We wait…in the meantime you may have a look at the video!

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