Nissan Leaf, "You’re Welcome Earth" – The New Polar Bear Commercial

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 Nissan’s new commercial for the upcoming all- electric LEAF, which features a white cuddly polar bear has received reactions from “Awwwww, cho chweettt” to “Outrageous manipulative hubristic piece of Green advertising bullshit”.

The ad shows a polar bear who journeys from the Artic through forests, highways, traffic and bridges in search for some answers as to why his world is melting away. He then lands into a garage of a Nissan LEAF in a suburban town. And what does he do next? Give the man a big bear hug, of course. Why? Because the car is supposed to have a lesser impact on the environment, which in turn will help the huge icebergs of the Artic to keep away from melting.

And thus, Nissan LEAF makes a point to Planet Earth and we should all be really glad about the LEAF.

To Watch the Nissan LEAF Polar Bear Commercial, click here.

Nissan LEAF Polar Bear Commercial

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  • Deepak Dongre says:


    If all the Indian Automobile magazines had to shut their shops…it will be all coz of you 😉 The way you guys bring news is amazing. Everyday, there is bloody something new in store.

    M'oids Rocks!!!