Next gen VW Tiguan to be Toyota Fortuner rival

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Toyota Fortuner stands almost unchallenged as the king of entry level luxury SIV.s However, this might soon change. The next generation of German car manufacturer’s Tiguan SUV could very well dethrone the Toyota.

The good folks at Auto-motor-und-sport have reported that the next gen Tiguan would make use of the much publicised and very flexible MQB platform.

The new VW Touareg is being developed to cater to emerging markets like Thailand and where Toyota Fortuner is having a good run.

The next gen Tiguan will have a third row of seats owing to the 15-20 centimeters increase in the wheelbase.

If speculations are to be seen, the new Tiguan will come with TSI and TDI motors. The new car will also come with a plug-in hybrid system.

VW has confirmed that the new Tiguan will be lighter, stiffer, safer and more economical than the outgoing model.

As the new car will be a Fortuner rival, we expect it to come with a price tag of around INR 22 lakhs.