Next-Gen Mahindra Bolero Caught!

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The Next-Gen Mahindra Bolero has been spied on the streets of Chennai. A heavily camouflaged test mule was strutting around in town, when a reader of Indian Autos Blog managed to catch it red-handed.

Next-Gen Mahindra Bolero Spied

The Bolero has long been the mainstay of Mahindra’s sales. Numbers hold testimony to that fact. Ever since its inception, Mahindra has sold over 6,50,000 units of the Mahindra Bolero. In the last three consecutive fiscal years of 2011, 2012 and 2013, Mahindra has managed to dispatch Boleros in excess of 1,00,ooo units! That is a momentous achievement for a vehicular design that still seems to be inspired by a lunch box.

Sure, the Mahindra Bolero is way long in the tooth, but it still sells. 😀

Nevertheless, an all-new Bolero wouldn’t be unwelcome. Mahindra has codenamed it as the U301, and it will arrive towards the fag end of 2015. The Next-Gen Bolero will certainly have a mountain of expectations to shoulder, and has been subjected to a rigorous testing schedule. The new Bolero will sport a fresh design language. While the camouflage makes it a bit difficult to make a few guesses about the styling, we feel it will utilise certain inspirations from the very macho looking XUV500.

Next-Gen Mahindra Bolero Rear Spied

Take a look at the headlamps on the test vehicle. In comparison to the rectangular-shaped headlamp units on the current Bolero, these appear to be slightly flared. The engine grille appears bigger and more monstrous in comparison to the one found on the current model. The shape of the Next-Gen Mahindra Bolero seems somewhat more radical over the existing one’s  plain-jane design. It will be based on a new hydroformed ladder frame chassis.

Complementing these new additions on the exterior will be a hopefully-better and redesigned interior on the all-new Bolero. If Mahindra manages to maintain the attractive pricing for the new Bolero as it has been doing for years, they will have a winner on their hands!

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