Next gen Honda Brio to have a 3-pot diesel motor

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Honda is famous for making some of the best automobiles that you and I can buy and, in most likelihood, will buy. Rugged reliability and a name that conjures up “Panache” in the minds of the people, Honda vehicles have some really creamy engines that usually end up being a yardstick for others to follow. That said, many in the motoring world have remarked that the company’s new 1.5-litre i-DTEC engines are a bit gruff and despite the advantages of great fuel economy and good driveability, the cabin receives some of the diesel-clatter.Talking of which, Honda is said to be working on a new diesel engine for their upcoming next-gen Brio hatchback. The car is tentatively to be ready by 2017 and will get the diesel engine.

Despite not being the most refined engine on the block, the 1.5-litre i-DTEC made Honda quite a bit more wealthy, thanks to the massive sale numbers. But the Brio never saw those massive sales figures; the fact is that, the Brio is actually very nice car. And powered by the current 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol unit, super smooth, too. In typical i-VTEC fashion, the motor loves being revved and thanks you for being lead-footed. Unfortunately, the Brio isn’t really gathering massive crowds at the showrooms and Honda has realised that they need to plonk a diesel motor under the bonnet to finally see the sales charts glowing.

Honda Brio Exclusive Festival Edition (2)

Honda will take the 1.5-litre i-DTEC engine that they already have and get rid of a cylinder, thus making a new 1.2-litre 3-cylinder unit to join the other Earth Dreamers. We expect this engine to be really frugal and if Honda takes care of the sound insulation and vibrations, quite refined, too. Some say that the new Brio might likely get a better interior which befits a Honda, as cars such as Hyundai’s Grand i10 have better cabin features as of now. Hopefully, Honda will keep the glass hatch just the way it is, as we quite like it.

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