Published by Karan Tripathi | June 30, 2014 in News

New 2014 Yamaha FZ-S, Live from the Launch!

The 2014 Yamaha FZ-S is to be launched today. will feature Fuel-Injection and subtle styling changes. Stick with us as we report from the event, Live!

Yamaha India launched the FZ-16 in 2008. The bike at that time, featured muscular styling which was strikingly different from everything else on the road and it was the first bike in India to be mass produced with 140/60 R17 rear rubber. For a bike which made 13.8 bhp (14 PS), the FZ offered decent performance for the streets with excellent handling. Yamaha painted the bike in different shades to keep the sales momentum alive, however, people soon got over their obsession with fat tyres and sales started dwindling. Yamaha then displayed a new version at this year’s Auto Expo which is about to be launched today.

The biggest change should come to the 153 cc SOHC two valve engine in the form of Fuel Injection and the bike should feature subtle styling changes. So stay glued, as the 2014 Yamaha FZ-S makes a comeback to retain it’s Lord of the Streets title. We’ll be updating this post in a timeline manner, Live!

Yamaha had a few bikes ready at the venue for us to ride. The ride was confined to very limited time on the saddle, here are our observations,

Short Ride Report:

  • Engine isn’t a red line happy unit like the R15. Has a red-line marked at 9000 rpm.
  • Engine is smooth and vibe free, gearbox is a smoth operator too.
  • Mid-Range is good, does around 75 kmph in third gear easily, good ride-ability, should retain that tag of being a lord of the streets.
  • New rubber improves ride & handling, flickability, makes it an excellent traffic carving tool.
  • Priced at 76,250 for the FZ and 76,250 for the FZ-S.

14:00 : A Few pictures, scroll right down for the gallery.

12:45 PM: Actor and motorcycle aficionado John Abraham reveals the bike.

  • The tail-lamp unit is new, grab-rails now feature the Devil’s horns look
  • A new rear tyre hugger that hugs a lot of that fat radial.
  • The Multi-function console features an ‘Eco-indicator’ that lights up when the machine is ridden in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Surprisingly, the earlier engine developed 14 PS of power, while this one makes 13.1 PS at 8000 rpm. Hopefully, the loss in weight should compensate.
  • The FZ will be available in Panther Black and Scorching Red
  • FZ-S will be available in Astral Blue, Moonwalk White, Cyber Green and Molten Orange.

12:00 PM: Mr Toshikazu Kobayashi, Yamaha India R&D, explains ‘Bluecore’ technology that features in the 2014 FZ.

  • As part of the ‘Bluecore’  tech, the bike features lighter moving parts, an improved combustion chamber and air intake, roller rocker arm and a closed loop FI unit.
  • The bike now boasts of better fuel efficiency, ignition and crisp power.
  • Injector cleaning and oil-change interval now at 6000 kms.
  • The new FZ-S  features a newly designed Full-LCD Multi-function console.
  • A new tyre pattern at the front and on that fat rear radial for better grip on wet roads. Increased puncture resistance.
  • Whoever sits pillion won’t complain of trouble in their tail lights, as the seating pattern has changed to split-seats with better cushioning and an increase of 10 mm in width.
  • The Front and rear suspension settings have changed and the frame has been tweaked to make it lighter for better ride & handling.

  • The New Yamaha FZ-S will accelerate better than the outgoing model.
  • The closed-loop FI system promises best-in-class initial pick-up and a smooth and vibe free engine.
  • The new bike will be 14% better than the older model in terms of fuel- efficiency.
  • The 2014 FZ-S is 3 kgs lighter than the outgoing bike, Yamaha claims this is now the lightest bike in it’s class.

A few pictures from the event