Nappinnai’s Scotra CML is a small electric trike that promises 80 km of range and a 15 kph top speed



This is the Scotra CML, a small electric a tricycle from the house of Nappinnai, an automobile company based in Chennai that designs and manufactures vehicles that run on green technology.  It is a Battery Operated Vehicle (BOV) that’s claimed to be a personal mobility solution catering to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from the physically challenged to senior citizens. Even casual riders, including teenagers and kids, can simply swing a leg and zoom off.

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The Scotra CML employs a 24V lead acid battery and a hub motor. It can go upto 15 kmph, and is available with a speed control option on the display. The speed control option, apart from helping people achieve their learning curve, also acts as a control mechanism for kids. Owing to its speed (or the lack of it), the Scotra CML does not require any special license to ride it.


Both the stem and the seat of the Scotra CML are foldable, enabling the electric trike to easily fit inside the bootspace of a sedan car.  It can be charged overnight and promises a range of 80km on a single charge. Apart from the aforementioned speed control, the Scotra CML also comes with a display and distance tracking. Nappinnai has developed 4 prototypes of the Scotra CML so far, and is working on setting up the production process to start delivering the product from December 2016.

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